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First Class Project Management for Your Business Success

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How are your projects going? Be honest! How successful do you think your projects are?

If you want to:

    · ensure that you only do projects that are worthwhile
    · be efficient with your time, money and resources 
    · stay in control from start to end
    · know exactly where your projects are at
    · know how healthy your projects are
    · be able to manage risks better
    · avoid having to fix up costly mistakes
    · have the skills to manage projects successfully
    · have a practical model for running projects
    · delight your customers with amazing quality 
    · finish your projects!

... then you may like to read on.

Here are some scary stats: 
    · about 30% of IT projects never come to a fruitful conclusion
    · on average 51% exceed budget by 189% 
    · and only deliver 74% of the originally stated functionality!
    · … and more are still unsuccessful as by the time they deliver 
      they are no longer relevant to the business!!!

... but there is hope.

More and more organisations are realising that applying standard project management practices to both one-off initiatives and day-to-day operations plays a major role in achieving their goals. Such disciplined approach helps improve their business, and do it better, faster and with a higher return on investment. 

Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for successful projects (sorry, no silver bullet!), you can have a system that will keep your projects on track and set them for success

More bad news, sorry ... You will not develop the skills necessary to manage projects effectively purely by attending a one or two day course in project fundamentals, or using the various project manager toolkits and templates available on the internet, whether they are free or cost a fortune. And, project management software, despite its automation and other benefits, will not help you unless you, and others using it, know what to do, and have a structure that supports the use of the tools! It’s a bit like owning a super expensive, fast car but not being able to drive nor have the roads that are suitable for fast driving. 

We can help!

At Beyond Projex, we specialise in building scalable project management systems that are suitable for the type and size of your projects. We take a holistic approach to project management. We consider your entire business, the organisation context, your customers, your people and the nature of the projects that you undertake.  We work with you and your people to help develop a sound project management practice to make your projects successful, drive an effective change and long-lasting benefits, and achieve operational excellence by incorporating all of the following components:

> streamlined processes                            
> standard tools
> project governance that works
> effective cost control
> regular project health checks 
> project learnings
> best use of resources & time
> competent people 
> carefully executed change management

To find out how You can benefit:
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Our specialties:

Project Consulting
Health Checks
Project Rescue
Post Implementation Reviews
Project Education & Coaching
Change Management

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“Beyond Projex are amazing professionals and people. Their determination to make a difference and to delight their clients are second to none", Julia Checchia, HDS
We are passionate about creating success stories for our clients.

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